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NewFerriteTesterEvery year, thousands of hours of production are lost as a result of damaged impeders,at great cost to the industry. EHE Instruments new impeder tester provides a simple,fast and inexpensive method of testing impeders prior to installing them on a tube mill.

The impeder or ferrite to be tested is simply placed within the instruments test cylinder,and the built in digital display immediately indicates the relative permeability. If the ferrite in the impeder has been damaged in any way, the meter will indicate as much as 50% below a normal reading. Different types and grades of ferrite can also be tested to determine their suitability for use in impeders.

The impeder & ferrite tester is housed in a heavy duty ABS enclosure measuring approximately 6" x 7" x 2" (150mm x 180mm x 50mm), and will test impeders or ferrite rods up to 1.312" (33mm) in diameter. Optional external test fixtures are available to accommodate impeders up to 6" (150mm) in diameter.The instrument is powered by a standard 9 volt transistor battery which will last for several months of normal usage.


External test fixtures are available for larger sizes. These are provided with a cable which plugs into the jack marked "External Fixture" on the rear of the meter

ferrite powder-filled epoxy maximizes the magnetic permeability of the assembled components.

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