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Induction Welding Coils

coilshomeshow 16ec40a02eTec Welding Sales and EHE offer a wide range of Work Coils to match all of todays High Frequency Induction Tube Welding requirements, including Tubular and Solid State induction weld coils, split coils, universal weld coils and spray cooled coils. Tubular Induction Welding Coils are available with two different lead configurations. Type-I coils have leads which are in line with each end of the coil, and are both on the same plane as the coil axis. Type-T coils have offset leads which are both in line with one end of the coil, and are on a plane at right angles to the coil axis.

Both types of coils are typically supplied with heavy hard drawn copper leads, in order to provide reliable electrical contact with coil clamps., however soft drawn leads are available if preferred. Type-I coils typically have 1/2” OD leads and Type-T coils typically have 3/8” OD leads. All coils are insulated with. PTFE tubing in a bright orange color for high visibility.


Coil Insulation is provided for arcing only and is not intended to provide operator safety. Most solid state welders use either single or two turn coils. Two turn coils are available with either left hand or right hand helix direction.

The choice of helix direction depends on the weld roll configuration and mill direction, and should be selected to provide the shortest vee length. In general left hand helix coils are used when mill direction is left to right and right hand helix coils are used for right to left mills. Single turn coils are often supplied in two sections that are bolted or clamped together, to enable a coil to be replaced without cutting & re-threading the mill. EHE two turn universal coils can also be supplied in a split type for fast change overs & virtually zero scrap.


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