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Tec Welding Sales is a stocking distributor of resistance welding consumables from the industries major manufactures. Our large inventory of standard and special items gives Tec Welding Sales the capacity to meet the majority of the cost and delivery requirements of its customers.

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Look to Tec Welding Sales for any of your resistance welding needs including:

  • Replacement caps in all styles & materials --including Zirconium, Glidcop, and Titanium coated
  • Straight tips + shanks
  • Single & double bent tips & shanks
  • Adaptors
  • Backup electrodes
  • Seam welding wheels
  • Nut & stud welding tips
  • Specials!!
  • Secondary cables & shunts
  • RWMA copper rod, bar & plate
  • Holders, force gauges & accessories
  • Transformers

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TecWelding Sales
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