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Tec Welding Sales stocks for immediate shipment standard air cooled cables in numerous sizes at the warehouse in Oxford, Michigan.Some options include extra flexible wire, perforated covering and special terminal connections.

Also available are Watercooled and Kickless cables from the leading manufacturers such as Flexcable and Watteredge.



wearslevesWear Sleeves
Watteredge Wear Sleeves are designed to protect cable and hose bundles from the rigors of robotic applications. Each sleeve offers internal hook and loop straps to contain the bundle and a covered zipper to close the sleeve. Standard sizes are shown below, but custom sizes are available upon request.

cablebluePlastic Abrasion Coils
Plastic Abrasion Coils The coiled plastic wrap is designed to protect cables from abrasion and from sharp objects. Each coil is made up of abrasion resistant 1/4” diameter nylon wound to form a 24” long coil with available inside diameters of 1-3/8”, 2” and 3”.

slingcableCable Slings and Saddles
Cable Slings and Saddles are designed to suspend cables and hose bundles in proper position. Cable Saddle Sling – This item was designed to positively hold cables and hose bundles. This nylon sling can simply and effectively grip and clamp using the weight of the target object alone. Each sling is rated to a 400 lbf maximum capacity. No clamps to tighten, no adhesives and a low profile minimizes tangling in dense areas all in a lightweight, easy to install and versatile design. Plastic Cable Saddle – These injection molded polypropylene saddles are tough and durable, without the unnecessary weight and abrasive nature of similar metallic products. Cable saddles may be ordered in either 3” or 4” maximum cable bundle diameter as well as with optional hanging hooks, leather straps and as part of a multiple saddle assembly.

Watteredge Bundling Straps
bundlingstrapWatteredge Bundling Straps are a quick and easy way to bundle groups of cables and/or hoses. Bin-Ti® Bundling Straps - These reusable straps can be used to bundle air and water hoses, cables, wire or just about anything.

Each strap contains an elastic EPDM band and a patented pin clasp. Bin-Ti® straps are available in 5” (BT-5), 7” (BT-7) and 11” (BT-11) unstretched lengths. Reusable Rubber Tie Straps (3RB) – 14” long (unstreched) x 5/8” wide rubber, with hook and ‘D’ ring closure. Rated for up to 140% elongation.

Leather “Dog Collar” Bundling Straps – Multipurpose leather straps have been in use on weld tooling for many years. These straps offer higher strength and a more rigid hold then a rubber tie strap. Stock Sizes listed below.

phpThumb generated thumbnailjpgKickless Cables
Kickless Cables are flexible, low-maintenance cables offering a longer cable life. Magnetic stresses are essentially eliminated with our six conductor design. Bend and twist are enhanced. Size for size, the conductor arrangement gives approximately 10% more current for a given applied voltage than other available cable types

watercooledcableWater Cooled Cables
Flex-cable's Water cooled cable is a significant step towards increased cable life and reduced downtime. The new design provides a flared strain relief for the wire while at the same time eliminating the possibility of solder wicking

AircooledcableAir Cooled Cables

Air Cooled Jumper designs use an innovative stranding of wire which allows cables to be bent, twisted, looped or curled under static or dynamic loading. Terminals are swaged-formed and flared on each end to relieve stress. Available in individually wrapped and loose fitting cover designs.

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